domenica 2 marzo 2014

Lotus Breath


This question was made to me from a friend and a colleague of mine.
I could not answer sincerly at that time; still now, everytime I ask this question to myself, different windows opens in me..
Of course, logically and intellectually, the answer is
"No! I cannot breath without You; We are all One; We are connected".
What about what I feel deep inside?
 I cannot give the answer yet.
"If You would choose to feel it..slowly it will come.."

The combination of the ancient knowledge of the Indian culture with my experience out of my westernized imprints, is what gave birth to Lotus Breath: an occasion to share, experience and re-discover the Light and Shadow within.
An individual journey or within a group, that aims to re-discover the creative feminine energy and the masculine directional energy that lies within all Humans.
A sequence of simple movements that allows you to perceive the needs of your body.
A method that lets you enter the echoes of the Universe, taking in consideration that everything is composed out of the 5 elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.
An experience that allows you to live rituals within the everyday life.
An awakening of the senses.
A Sacred Space where you can allow yourself to be vulnerable, fragile, powerful and conscious.

The seminar combines the Tantric and Vedantic teachings that dances with the bases of Ayurveda, Mantras and Rituals, the Indian temple dance Bharatanatyam, the Wisdom of the Curandero's Lineage of Vera Cruz, the contenitive principles of Birth and Prenatal Therapy and the studies of the mind and its survival strategies of “Expand The Box”, with the aim of delving deeper into the identities of Humans.
The approach of the course is holistic, as it draws on different traditions with a specific attention to the role of healing through movements. All type of movements: Emotional movement, thought movements, breath movements...

These meetings are addressed to all Humans that have the desire of using at its best the force of Nature that operates inside us.
When we chose to be available as a channel of energy we express the proper interior Light and Shadow that narrates the simplicity and the effectiveness of Listening.

The main objective of Lotus Breath is to form a conscious culture of men and women, of course, starting with me..Nadeshwari.

Breathing is an underestimated activity just because it seems it happens on its own.
Breathing is such an intimate activity that I have to make big effort to constant being awere of what it brings in my Life.
When I breath with awerness my prospective shifts.
When my prospective shifts, time stops.
When time stops, there is alert from the mind: "I don't want to face what there is now!".
When fear is there, I learn to be more attentive to what there is..that I don't see clearly.
When is clear that breathing is the key, I give space to Life to flow.

I choose to feel my choice
I set my self free from patterns
I keep my mind open to possibilities
I am every thing i do not know



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